When the right dancers come together with the right choreographer with the right piece of music at the right time, something magical happens.

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SYTYCDAU4: Renelle & Michael, “Lay Me Down”

Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall [ x ]

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Here have a couple SYTYCD reaction gifs

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ricky ubeda is a flawless human being and nobody can convince me otherwise (x)

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Ricky Ubeda for Buzzfeed: How Dancers React to Everyday Situations (x)

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SYTYCD Awards - Voting Starts NOW! 


Hi all! I’m really happy that so many of you have nominated for the sytycd awards! I will definitely be doing this again next year if we get a season 12.

Click here to vote!

We will be voting by ranking the dances in the order you liked them the most. That way you can pick a 1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc place. There are about three to six choices left in each category to rank, depending on how large the category was to begin with and dances tying in nominations. In the end whoever got the highest rankings by weighted average will get first place, second highest rankings second place…etc.

I’ll have voting open until at least 11:59pm on Wednesday the 17th. This should be enough time to vote and share this post so others on tumblr can vote too! 

Happy voting! :)

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Ricky+Lauren | request by an anon that I ignored for a long time but hey! here it is (x)
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